Sunday, February 22, 2009

Platters, Piecing, and Scraps

A Valentine's present to myself....

That just happens to match my very-favorite Easter candy...mmm... Cadbury candy coated chocolate eggs.  I would happily eat a bag a day of these little guys!

I'm still very very slowly working on my fall quilt.  I find that I have to take my time on large projects, or else by the time it's done, I won't want to look at it. I've done a lot of chain piecing, which has helped it to go faster, but I'd still rather just twitch my nose and have it all be done! 

I've accumulated a nice little container of scraps from this quilt top:

And I have considered giving them away...

I'll have to think about it though (or be talked into it)- I am just so in love with these colors!


Kim's Treasures said...

Oh what pretty colors for your quilt! I go slow too on most projects. Looking forward to the end results!

Have a great night!

Joan said...

Did someone say "chocolate"! My favorite word! Very pretty fabric color choices for your fall quilt. I agree...wouldn't it be nice -- just one twitch of the nose and poof...projects done! LOL
Have a fun day!
Joan & Skippy

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