Sunday, November 29, 2009

Working here and there

I've been around.

Working here and there on different projects, most of them being Christmas presents that I can't show here. Well, I can't show here yet.

But this one is for a beautiful baby girl in Washington, DC.

I learned how to make these maverick stars here. They're quite addictive, so consider yourself warned.I put said stars in the "middle" of wonky log cabin blocks, and outlined them in orange. And, as usual, I had a supervisor, ready to step in should I need assistance.

I hadn't made sleeved pillow cases before, but it was a cinch, and I got to use up two blocks that otherwise would not have had a home. They were just a tad too big for the quilt, and I needed fronts for the pillows anyways, so I quilted them and attached a bright orange backing.
And now it's back to more Christmas sewing!