Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mail Time!

My mailbox has been getting quite the workout lately. AND. I. LOVE. IT.

I received a package the other day from the one and only Sandi Henderson! It was a lovely prize of patterns, fabric, a cupcake pincushion kit, and tiny baby set of crocheted cherries! I am so excited to dig into all of this:

Here are those teensy-tiny cherries up close:

*Swoon* If I ever thought I had the patience to try to make my own, I totally would. But I totally don't. At least not today, after getting soaked by a sudden downpour during my walk with Dax.

During "I'm and Ginger Monkey's" Fabric Swap, I won another wonderful prize from Amy, of Seven Stitches. It came with four yards of beautiful Japanese kimono fabric, and a host of cute bookmarks. I couldn't resist giving two of the pieces of fabric to my co-worker, as she is of Japanese lineage, and had been looking for this exact thing!
I know exactly who's getting this postcard, but I won't say who... hehehe ......
And last but not least, I finally, finally, finally, have a walking foot. I felt immediately relieved upon seeing it in it's tiny box.
And who else happened to be cleaning out their stash? My wonderful neighbor Gayle, who not only lets my pup have an occasional (hilarious) romp in the backyard with her dog, but who also used to love to do needlework.
Now I know the rules here. If I'm going to get this much great stuff, I'd better be ready to pay it forward! I've got quite a few things in mind for another giveaway soon, because I know you love mail just as much as I do!


ocmist said...

Wow... You lucky person. What a blessing! Have fun with all your new stuff!

Amy said...

Ohh I forgot to check to see if they had arrived. I'm glad you liked the package. The underpants are awesome comfy too if you ever get a chance to get some yourself.

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