Sunday, November 23, 2008

I told you so.

I just have to say- I call it. 

Ah yes.  Every year, Duncan tries to eat the tree.  But this year, I was so lucky and got a taste of his "cat-stop-chewing-on-that" spray.  I was eating lunch and couldn't figure out why it tasted like I was licking rubber.  It turns out that the spray I had used on the tree last year had rubbed off on my hands, and therefore my lunch tasted like pencil erasers.

But I did manage to get the tree up and decorated, and the mantle is almost there.  I'm making our Christmas stockings with my nice little stash of satins, so I'll post more on those when they're finished.  

Ah.... adding to the "projects that need to be finished" pile...


Husband said...

I love our house, I love the decorations (sorry I didn't help out) and I love YOU!

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