Friday, November 21, 2008

Poor Pumpkin!

Okay, so I don't have a vendetta against our squirrels. I'm sure that's how this blog reads though, because they always seem to be up to no good whenever I'm getting ready to write a post. I was warned by our neighbors, prior to buying a pumpkin, that a mess of seeds and pumpkin pulp would be strew across our front stoop, but I decided to risk it anyway.  They didn't notice the bright orange globe for quite a few weeks, but soon it was nibbled away until it became this:

It has now been moved to the backyard by the bird feeder so that they can continue to feast on my attempt at festive decoration. 

As I was taking a picture of my sad pumpkin, the perpetrator decided to try to scare me off.

It almost worked.  

I have been sewing, baking and crocheting though, along with having started a new job. I think I'm getting used it though... slowly... but I'm getting back on track. I hope to be posting on a consistent basis soon, but be patient with me!  If you are, I may make you this:

From this:

I tell you what. Chocolate Truffle cheesecake with Chocolate Ganache is fine by me anyday!  Although that's definitely an "after the attack" photo, I think you might be able to tell that the filling is creamy, light, and smooth.... and that I feel I should make another soon.

Anyhow, with my pumpkin now ruined, I believe it means I'm allowed to put up all of my Christmas decorations. I have a hard time doing so before Thanksgiving, but Husband already has up the outer lights.  

Plus, I think the mantle has been waiting all year for me to bring out the lights again.

I sense that there will be pictures of Duncan playing in the Christmas tree box posted soon. 


Husband said...

Why'd you put my awesome pumpkin artwork in the back yard? It wasn't a squirrel - that was my jack-o-lantern Cyclops!

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