Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Hours in the Day, Please!

I believe that there may be nothing better than being wrapped up in a quilt and a sweatshirt on a cold fall day.  In case you haven't noticed, it's my favorite time of year.  Yes, I love Christmas too, but falling down because of ice, having the cuff of my jeans get wet from snow, and being broke from buying gifts does mark it down to maybe third place. 

Dax loves fall just as much as I do.  Probably because it means I'm more than willing to take him to the park to make new friends.

But, I promise that going to the park has not been the only thing I've been doing!  I've been mainly working on a wedding dress and birdcage veil for a friend of Husband's. She had her alterations done at a national wedding dress chain where she purchased her gown, and they did a horrible job "fixing" her dress.  I was amazed at what I saw when I took it apart! 

This is a (poor quality) picture of her birdcage veil in progress.  I drew out a 10 second sketch of what her floral lace pattern was, and re-drew it onto freezer paper.  That was then ironed onto satin, cut out, and sew onto muslin to give it stability. The end product was beaded to match her dress, and I'll post pictures of it after she, well, gets married!

I still haven't free motioned quilted yet.... yes, I'm scared. I think I may be too much of a perfectionist to just "go for it".  But, I'll keep practicing and let you know when I work up the courage to use it on a project.  

Here is a quilt top that Husband says looks like a pantone book:

I have to agree with him, and I like it that way. Gradating colors make me happy! I appliqued the circles on using a blanket stitch, and I've backed it with a piece of thick cozy fleece.  I want to try something that doesn't have as much weight as a quilt, but still has that quilt "look".

I think Dax approves.


ocmist said...

Hi... It's me, O.C.'s Mama, Linda B., again... I found your blog today and left several comments on the first picture I found of Dax and then had to scan through the rest of your blog to see if there were more pics and found these... Did I mention that HE IS JUST TOO CUTE!!! (And that comment is usually saved for our Dotty)

Also, I love the rest of what I've seen on your blog... My Tia Rosie was a wonderful seamstress that made most of my, and my sister's, clothes when we were little, sewed for many people in her church, and made wedding dresses for many people (including me) over the years... You guys are SOOO talented!!!

My sister made a bunch of quilts for Christmas a couple of years ago from robes and certain clothes that my mom had (she moved to Heaven in 2001 after a hard battle with cancer) and those quilts are some of the most precious things we have.

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