Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yay for Etsy!

Oh gosh. It's finally getting there.  My legs are on fire from my MacBook slowing roasting them while I have been diligently setting up my Etsy shop. It still has a way to go, but at least I have two whole quilts posted!  How excited am I!? If you absolutely have to check it out, my shop URL is: jellybeansoup.etsy.com.

On another note, guess who else was excited today?  Excited about nothing, that is. Who was running around, smacking Dax in the face, and then giving me the "chase me, I'm crazy!" look?

That would be our beloved Duncan Nonuts.  I wish that I could of gotten a picture of him with his crazy eyes and his ears down in a pre-pounce moment. Usually, you can find him curled up in his little bed, or on top of one of the couch cushions taking a morning nap (yes, my beloved fuzz butts often sleep the morning away).

He's quite a character, this cat. He used to sleep on my head at night.  And no, not just on my pillow - he would curl his body around my head and then lay his head on top of mine.  I didn't mind it much, actually I kind of liked that he wanted to cuddle up with me without force.  Usually he has to withstand me saying things that I know are stupid to him.  Examples include:
  • "Meowmers, kitty kitty"
  • "Meow-meow Dunk-a-dunk"
  • "kee-kee"
  • "Aww...King Duncan"
And yes, I know I sound like I should be committed when these things come out of my mouth, but look of disgust he gives me when I mix all of those phrases together makes it all worth it. 

He really gets worked up and hyper when I bring out fabric or I'm trying to sew.  He does everything he can to try to nonchalantly leap onto my sewing area or ironing board.  He knows that if he cries enough I'll let him wrestle with any scraps of fabric I'm not using until Dax steals them from him.  So if you can imagine, it was a wonder that I ever got these quilts done for Etsy.  

I made my own template for my "Bees and Blossoms" quilt.  I like Dresden templates, but I didn't want that many pieces, I'm not quite sure why.  If anyone is interested, I'd be more than happy to post tutorials on how to create your own templates from sketches or ideas you have.  I am a schooled and experienced pattern maker, and although I make patterns for clothing, that knowledge transfers to quilting. 

This pinwheel quilt was so fun to make!  I'm sure I could have made it faster than I did had the aforementioned kitty not been reaching up from under the table and stealing my supplies. I should videotape that sometime- it's quite entertaining to watch that tiny orange paw.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

LMAO...I am in LOVE with the name of your cat!

Your quilts are beautiful!!!

Gator World!! said...

Hey I put up a blog about my Mom cause its her birthday. Go check it out!!!


Baby Gator

Katarina said...

I have added your shop to my favorites in my etsyshop. I love the bright colors/pink quilt. Pinks and greens are my fav combo.



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