Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oh Fall...

You know those days when it's cold outside, but all you have to wear is a sweatshirt and a pair of worn jeans and it's perfect?  I. Love. It.  I can't get enough of fall, and leaves, and even the noisy little squirrels who throw things at me when I go outside.  They probably do it because I throw sticks at them when they taunt my dog.  Not in a "I'm going to take you down" sort of way, but in a "Find someone else's yard to dig up" sort of way.  It's a hate-hate relationship, and I'm putting a squirrel-resistant bird feeder on my list of things to find on sale. 

I used to be a big list person. I would have sticky notes all over my mirrors and desk, and then I would forget to look at them.  Lucky for me, my lovely little iPhone can give me reminders through my calendar to do things like "get my life together", and "find chocolate".  Today I had one that reminded me to "get my butt moving on that Etsy shop". 

I've been an avid Etsy and blog stalker for quite some time.  You know that job you had where you never wanted to be there and avoided doing anything productive until the last minute? Well, that was my previous job, and all of that wasted company time led to my discovery of the world of craft and sewing blogs.  I've sewn for quite some time, and I am finally ready to part with my fabric stash through the making of baby quilts, among other things.  My Etsy shop name is Jellybean Soup, and I do hope you'll come see it when I open my doors! 

But, I'm sure I'll also be letting you in on Indiana life, and my other
 loves: baking, painting, Husband, Dax the Wonder Dog, and our cat, Duncan Nonuts.   

Now Dax is good at many things, but his favorite talent to show off on cold fall mornings is...................



Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Dax is adorable! And I love the name of your blog.

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