Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cats Have Dental Needs Too

Duncan likes to be held like a baby.  I mean, over your left shoulder, as if you were going to burp him. It's the only way he'll let you hold him, actually.  Last night I thought I'd pick him up and hold him while I was getting ready for bed and brushing my teeth.  Usually he'll just lay there and let me hold him, but last night he decided he needed to brush his teeth too.  

All I can hope is that he doesn't do this to the other end of my toothbrush, ever

The giveaway quilt is almost finished! It has helped me to realize how much I love embroidery, and how relaxing it is for me.

I wanted to keep adding and adding to this, but made myself stop after finishing the birds. It's now been quilted to prevent me from coming up with any more ideas of things to add, and it's the first quilt I've ever successfully stipple quilted too!  There was a lot I learned while making this, and I think that's a sign I need to make and giveaway a few more!


Anonymous said...

Too cute!

LouAnne said...

Hey! I have a silly water-loving cat here that LOVES to get her teethbrushed!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Such a funny picture! My will only drink out of the soap dish in the bathroom (minus the soap) She demands water each and every morning. I think it must be colder from the bathroom faucet.

Nancy and the fatties said...

Awww, Duncan is a snugglekitty. How cute!! We brush the pugs' teeth every morning, but they don't look as happy as Duncan does in these pictures. : )

ocmist said...

Duncan sure seems to like that toothbrush... Wish OC did!

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