Friday, January 2, 2009


The guilt of not posting after mentioning a giveaway has finally gotten to me... oh the shame.  I promise there is one though!  I got a bit too busy with last-minute Christmas gifts that turned out to take a lot more time than I expected.  An entire quilt in three days?  All done by hand?  With everyone in the family's name embroidered on it?  Ah, why not!?  Nuts, I tell you.

Anywho, I would like to make a mini-family tree quilt for you too!!  All that you have to do is leave me a comment that lists all of the names you would like to have on the quilt.  You can enter up to three times, and you can enter on behalf of one other person also.  I mean, think of the brownie points you can earn here, geesh.  I'll give everyone (who ever may still be there after my hiatus, that is)  up to two weeks to enter, and then pick a winner randomly. Good luck!

Until then, I shall be having fun with a few books from a co-worker,

and, finally delving into my stash of favorite fabrics....

I can't wait! 

UPDATE:  Entries for this giveaway will only be accepted until 12:00 AM, January 16th, EST.


Joan said...

YEAH for Jellybean Soup Company! I LUV Giveaways! Count me in, please. As for the names: Tony, Joan, McKenna & Skippy, too! Thanx for offering a fun giveaway!

(I'm gonna blog about it for you at my blog, too!)

Have a fun day and give Dax a PUG HUG from Skippy!

Kathleen said...

What a generous thing to give away! I love handmade items (since I'm a knitter and crafter as well), but have yet to make a quilt. I should start one for my son, who was born this past year.

I only have three names to list, myself, my husband Chris, and my son, Soren. Thanks for the chance to win.

Joan said...

Hey Jelly Bean,

Just wanted to let you know that I posted about your wonderful Give-Away. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you receive lots of entries!
Have a fun day!
Joan & Skippy

Dozer and Coop said...

Good morning!

Mum was reading the Peace, Love and Pugs (one of our favorite blogs) and that led us to you! We think you are very generous to have a giveaway - we are talking to Mum about perhaps doing one of her own (except we are not entirely sure she has the talent to make anything any one would want! BOL!)

We are very pleased to meet Dax because.....we're corgis too! We know! Who knew there were so many good looking corgis in the world! BOL!

We would like to enter your giveaway. If we won we think it would mean a whole bunch to our Mum to surprise our Dad with the quilt. See, our Mum (Nancy) married our Dad (Bob) about ten years ago - second marriage for both. Mum married Dad and fell in love with his four grown-up girls (Ann, Katie, Holly and Emily)and all six of the grandchildren. Mum never had children of her own so this was like hitting the jackpot.

We personally feel that if Mum won that we should be listed in the family tree because we are much more loveable and honestly, we cuddle better and provide much better entertainment than any of the grands (as in grandchildren).

But being the fair dogs we are, we would leave this up to your best judgement. Did we mention Mum is from the Midwest originally (Illinois) so if that carries weight for you, go ahead and give us points for it.

Mum says we have made our case much too long and that we must sign off. Please ask Dax to visit us at I write most of the blog but I do let my brother and sister write occasionally.

All the best, Dozer, Dottie and Cooper Edwards in Oregon

Nancy and the fatties said...

This is so exciting and you are so generous. We saw Joan and Skippy's post about you and scooted right over. We'd love to enter: our family names are:

thank you so much!

Suzie Button said...

This is BEYOND generous! Wow! you're sweet! I would like the names Michael, Susan, Megan, Daniel, Ben, Bailey, and Cody (I'm including the dogs, that's all right, isn't it?!) Thanks! Suzie

Betty said...

Just found your blog at peaceloveandpug. what a wonderful give a way. our names are Dave,Betty, Ken, Lisa, Danny and of course Pumba, Sassy, Pepper and Rigby. (have to remember the most inportant family members.

Amber said...

Oh my goodness - what an amazing giveaway! I'd love to have Kevin, Amber, Israel, Isabela, Isaiah and Iliana on the quilt.

Amber said...

OK I blogged about it too :-)

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Amazing gift! My family consists of Joseph, Amy, Gabriella, Emmalie, Sophia, and Owen :) Thank you!

silverhartgirl said...

Wow this is great.
I would want the names.
Jessica, Steve, David, Chloe, Andrew
this is so nice of you i will post this on my blog so you get more people to visit your blog.

Celeste said...


Byrd, Gloria, Celeste, Chloe

Celeste said...


Byrd, Gloria, Celeste, Chloe

contact me at:

Celeste said...


Byrd, Gloria, Celeste, Chloe

contact me at:

Mandi said...

What a fun giveaway, and what a nice blog! I'm adding you to my Google Reader for sure!
Our names are
Cory (hubby), Mandi (me), Caedmon (my son) and Kathryn (my daughter...

Katherine said...

I love this idea for a mini quilt! Thanks for the chance to enter the giveaway....
The names if I won would be Jay, Katherine, Devin & Sophia :0)

valerie2350 said...

Wow! This would be fabulous - I'd love to win :)

King family said...

Count me in please. Came over from One Shabby Chick. If I were so
blessed to win, I'd like Rob, Brenda, & Gabby on the quilt. Thanks for the opportunity.

craftydiane said...

I would love this little quilt. Our family names are

The Barnharts said...

this is so awesome, names:

SandyQuilts said...

Lovely idea. If I'm the winner I'll supply the names at that time ... hope that's ok.

Now I'm off to look through your blog. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

i'll enter for a dear friend - i need the brownie points :)


i don't have a blog or an open id, so i'm commenting as anonymous. you can email me at prcsteacher at yahoo dot com if you have any questions - thanks :)

Ashley Ann said...

Great giveaway! The names I'd like are Ashley, Joshua, and Felix.

Tanaya said...

I have a very small family:

Gregg (with an extra g at the end)
and of course Peanut

Peanut is a cat, but she is still family. :)

Stacie said...

This is an awesome giveaway!! We have 4 in our family...Kristopher, Stacie, Olivia and Bridget.

carrie said...

Wow! How generous! I found you from Amber over at one shabby chick... hmmm.... if I were to win I would love Daniel, Carrie, Luke, Jack and Ella. What fun!

Janna said...

What a fantastic idea!!! (I feel bad now, I don't giveaway hand made items on my blog - that is really special!)

Matt, Janna, Sarah, Philip, Chloe, Stephen, Paige, Quinn (hubby, 6 kids and me)

ryanx6 at msn dot com

Janna said...

I'll enter for my mom too - she would want -
Walt, Jolene, Cara, Janna, Josh, Joel

Andi said...

Amazing!! So generous.
Our names are Andi and Dan and the kids are Jake and Ella.
I hope we win. Fingers crossed.
Thanks muchly :-)

Brooke said...

Oh how sweet of you to have such a wonderful giveaway! I would be honored to have a family tree Quilt of my little family! My names would be Joshua, Brooklyn, Chase, Makena.

Thank you so very much and have a lovely weekend!

Oh....I love your kitty he looks just like our "Olie" who is the sweetest orange kitty!Orange kitties are Great!

Lisa said...

Oh, we would love one. We love quilts. David, Lisa, Logan, Laken, Weston, Bridger, Cody and Cael.

Tammy said...

Thanks - as per another commenter, I'd prefer to just give names if I am fortunate enough to win! There would be three names altogether.

Tammy said...

Three times - okay then this is number two!

Tammy said...

This would be my third entry.

Tammy said...

This would be one more entry on behalf of someone else - if this entry wins it would be for my Mom - it would have the grandkids names;

there are eight - in the interest of protecting privacy, I'd prefer not to give them out on the post.

Thanks so very much for all the chances!!!

Jen said...

My mom would LOVE a quilt - her family is literally everything to her, so I'll be entering on her behalf. The names are: Tom, Vickie, Jennifer, Jeremy, Jon, Kelli, Kassie, Karma and Jadon.

Lisa said...

Love your colors.
Thanks for this opportunity.
Our family names are:
Scott and Lisa

Nonerz said...

That sounds like an amazing giveaway. I'd love one for my family - Arthur, Nani, Kyra & Ava

micaela6955 said...

What a great giveaway! Here are the names I'd choose: Jose, Michele, Demetrio & Dejanera!

micaela6955 said...

Also entering for one of my coworkers and close friends, she'd love this! Scott, Rhonda, Blaine, Justin. Thanks so much for your generosity!

micaela6955 at msn dot com

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

What an amazing give-a-way!

Rob & Robin

Sameday said...

Thanks for the chance of a giveaway. Matthew and Susan

Sameday said...

Thank you for the giveaway. Susan and Matthew

Miche said...

What a great idea. I hope that you will post a picture before you mail it to the lucky winner. IF it happens to be me ;) our names are Michelle, Matt, Kristy, Miranda, Logan , Naomi, and Julia. Thanks!

Dawn said...

Entry #1:Love this giveaway!

Dawn said...

Entry # 2: Did I mention I love this giveaway!

Dawn said...

Entry #3: Oh, how I LOVE this giveaway!!!

Dawn said...

Entry for hubby: He will love it...but not as much as ME!!

Emily said...

Thanks for doing this...So much fun!

Entry #1
Names: Adam, Emily, Gianna, & Selah

Emily said...

Great idea!

Entry #
Names: Adam, Emily, Gianna, & Selah

contact: adamandem at yahoo dot com

Emily said...


Entry #3
Names: Adam, Emily, Gianna, & Selah

contact: adamandem at yahoo dot com

WAHMgroup said...

This is a great giveaway!

Kelly, Kyle, Dylan, Katie

Mindy said...

Wow what a generous think to do. Our family is Clay, Mindy and Waden.

Thanks, Mindy

Mindy said...

Wow I hope i win....Clay, Mindy and Waden.

Mindy said...

Entry #3 Clay Mindy Waden

Noah's Mommy said...

Gotta love a giveaway. If I won I would want it to have the name David, Danielle and Noah

Katarina said...

Thank you so much for the generosity! I would love to have something to remember my father's side of the family by. They all passed away very tragically, last one to go was my grandmother a few years ago and I still haven't gotten past that. I'm the only one left from that side of the family. I would love to have a familytree like this. The names are:
Katarzyna (me)

Katarina said...

This entry I would like to dedicate to my fiancée and his grandma. I know he misses her a lot and it would be wonderful for him to have a tree to remember her by. So the names are:

Yvonne (his mother)
Anna-Greta (his grandmother)

Katarina said...

I would like to use this post for me and my fiancée. We celebrated 10 years together in december and it would be wonderful to celebrate us with a family tree. We don't have any children and because of that we're not always taken seriously as a family - which is very hurtful. I would like to celebrate my little family, so the names are:


Thank you so much for this giveaway. I'm a crafter myself and know how much work and heart it goes into these kind of things. If I would be lucky enough to win you should know that I'll treasure this forever.

Katarina said...

Just wanted to let you know I have written about your giveaway on my blog. I hope I don't get disqualified for posting 4 times now ;) Just throw this oe away after reading.


Allie said...

Wow such a generous giveaway. I'll be crossing my fingers!
Our Names are:

Thanks for the chance to win!

mel*~reachforthestars~* said...

Thanks for the generosity!

I'll love to have a quilt done for my family:
Melody, Crystal and Sandra.


mel_88_88 at hotmail dot com

King family said...

Well now are you surprised at how many entries? Ha. Another entry for me and I posted about your give a way. Can't help but love the excitement generated by a give away.

Elizabeth said...

What a great giveaway!

Here are the members of my family:
Don, Betty, Elizabeth, Michael, Thomas, Scout, and Kitty

Elizabeth said...

What a great giveaway!

Here are the names of people in my family:

Don, Betty, Thomas, Elizabeth, Michael, Scout, and Kitty

Elizabeth said...

I'm going to enter on behalf of my in-laws as well:

Patrick, Bug, Sean, Kay, Michael, Elizabeth, and Indigo

Lisa said...

Posting a second entry

Aura said...

Ha, for our quilt for my mom you would need a pretty big quilt to fill all the names of my siblings and kids. my bro and sil and 8 kids, my sis and bil and 5 kids, my twin and bil and 2 kids and myself and hubby and 4 kids.

Disneyscrapper said...

WOW! How totally generous of you! I'd love to win this. My family has 5 names, Chris, Teresa, Tiffany, Alissa and Holly. We would be so honored to have one of these!


Kaycee said...

Kaycee, Russ, Lilly and Hani!

Kaycee said...

Post #2

Anonymous said...

What a neat giveaway!
My names : Elizabeth, Timothy, Samuel, Sean and Gabriel.

Barbara Myltschenko said...

Ohhhh, I hope that I'm not too late! I just saw this on another blog and well what a treat. The names on mine would be George, Barbara and William, just our little family so far!

Barbara Myltschenko said...

ooohh, am i too late am i too late?

i would love to have this, please pick me, we're small, just three names, George, Barb and our little man William, also Tilly our cat if there is room!

Jane said...

What a generous giveaway.
I'd love to see what you would do with my family tree, even if you didn't pick me, I'd love some ideas.
We are the "J" family.

elizabeth said...

wow this would be so amazing...i have never had a hand made quilt....we have Jeffrey, Elizabeth, Jonas, Noelle, and we will be adding one more in august :)

Beth said...

What a very lovely giveaway! I would love to win a mini quilt! I will give you names at the time if I win if thats ok :)

Beth said...

I posted about thi on my blog!

Pawsitive Art said...

This would be wonderful to have! I'll post three times..once for myself if I win..once for my mother with her grand childrens names and once for my friend with her dogs names. Her dogs are her only family. :)
So..if I won..the names I would include would be..

Pawsitive Art said...

If I won this for my mother it would have the same names as the one for me..

Pawsitive Art said...

Then if I won it for my friend it would have..

Gillian aka Silly Gilly said...

Wowsa!! Such a generous giveaway!
Names: Gillian, Tim, Nevada, Ella.

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