Saturday, January 10, 2009

So Very Excited....

Wow!  That's about all I can say at this point!  It is so wonderful to read all of your great comments and visit your blogs and websites!  I am itching to get started on this mini-quilt giveaway, and I'm debating about whether or not to do two or three instead of just one....

Until I can get started on that project though, I'm cutting all of my pieces for our quilt top:

I'll be very glad when I have enough scraps to someday make a large scrap quilt instead of buying yardage.  Mostly because I don't appreciate when this happens:

I purchased a quarter flat at Joann's, and now I can't get the stupid sticker off.  Please help if you have any remedies for getting rid of this sticky gunk!  If you do, I may give you the recipe for a piping hot bowl of "Baked Potato Soup", complete with bacon, cheese, green onion, and of course, potatoes.

Now this is off subject, but I have to share a picture of Dax with his best friend ever, Charlie. Charlie lives across the street, and they love to do things that all dogs do, but playing tug-of-war is their speciality.  

Someday I hope to be able to post a video of Dax running across the street to go see Charlie.  My neighbor and I check the street for cars, and then I open my door and Dax runs as fast as his little bunny legs will let him to go play with Charlie.  

Hilarious, I tell you. 


Joan said...

Well, I don't have any great ways of getting that sticky gunk off of fabric. But I will tell you that the Baked Potato Soup sounds very delicious! I also love the picture of Dax and Charlie - so much so....may I use it for my February Caption Contest photo? Pretty Please?

Have a wonderful day and have fun sewing your mini-quilt for the giveaway!

Joan & Skippy

Kim's Treasures said...

Just happened upon your blog through one shabby chick...I use ice cubes on that sticky stuff. Rub ice on it then use your fingers to try to rub the glue off. It doesn't take too long to get it off. Love your blog!

Jane said...

I use UN-DU for getting stickers off of paper and glass. I'll bet it will work on that fabric. Once I spilled it over a photo and it dried just fine and didn't ruin it at all. I'm sure it would do just fine on fabric if it didn't ruin paper.
Hope you get it off.

elizabeth said...

i was going to suggest freezing the fabric and then it should peel off...the ice cube idea is probably faster (alcohol works too...but only if it is color fast)...those fabrics are such great colors...i just entered for the mini quilt...i am excited to go exploring the rest of your blog now..

Nancy and the fatties said...

We would love to see Dax runnin with is little bunny legs someday, that would be so cute. Our mom bought these neat napkins on sale and had the Same problem with the dumb stickers. Howie offered to chew the off, but she didn't agree. She will try freezing the fabric!

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