Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dax the Snowbunny

I'm not saying that this is a professional quality video, or even a very good one by any means, but oh it makes me laugh.  Dax just LOVES deep snow, and he was more than happy to bounce through it the other day. Husband took a few great pictures of our little snowbunny, and I'll be sure to post those later.  Meanwhile, I hope you get a few giggles out of watching our pup!


Husband said...

Here's a link to all the photos ;o)

LollyChops said...

I just watched this video all the way through three times in a row! I love the way his little butt bops up and down like a little brown and white bunny! Sooo cute!

My fav pic on your flickr of him is this one:

What a face! I could just smother him in kisses!

ocmist said...

He is just WAY TOO CUTE!!! He looks just like our Dottie. The Corgi is obvious, the eyes and face look like a Chihuahua, and the front legs look like a Doxie, and that is exactly what Dott is. How big is he... how much does he weigh? What an adorable boy!!!

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